No! All of my gems and crystals are natural and have not been dyed or made by man. They have been respectfully harvested from the earth. I DO however carry two types of items that have been altered and have noted this on their product pages. The first is Crab Fire Agate, it is heat treated Carnelian. The second are the ‘Aura’ Quartz’s. They have had precious metals fused to them in a lab.

Yes, come and visit my store in person at 14 E. Walworth St in downtown Elkhorn, WI. Classes and healing sessions are by appointment/reservation only. 

Yes, I now offer world-wide shipping as well as to service men and women at US Military addresses. Please understand, I DO NOT set the shipping rates going out of the US, the shipping carriers do.

Unless noted as a special or oversized item (which may ship by UPS), most orders ship via the US Postal Service, generally by Ground Advantage or Priority Mail. You will see shipping options at check out.

How earring size is measured

I have taken great care to accurately provide measurements for everything offered on the site because it is a peeve of mine when I have ordered things that arrive much smaller or larger than I had imagined from the images I saw. I really want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you order something and eliminate that “Ewe…I thought it would be bigger,” or the “Oh my Goddess! This thing’s Huge!”

When a measurement for how tall a piece is given, it is taken from the top of the ear-wire to bottom of dangles (shown left) or from the top of the bale to the bottom of the pendant. Necklaces and chains are measured for their over-all length.

In cases where a pendant or other ornamentation has been added it will be listed as + 1″ drop, +1-1/2″ drop, etc. Please see the information below for how the beads and gems are sized.

Bead size measurement chart

Yes, some of my items seem to be very reasonably priced when compared to other sites you may have visited. Is it due to lesser quality? Absolutely not! I have hand-crafted most of the jewelry items, and those that have not been crafted by myself have been purchased using Fair Trade practices that promote free trade and healthy working conditions for artisan families all over the world.

Instead of settling for “sweat shop” types of jobs, these artisans reap the great economic benefit of selling their wares direct to me and no longer have to take pennies for their days of labor. Their living conditions become improved and their children start to receive education that most times has to be paid for, even at the elementary level. And, you, my customers, reap the added benefit of no middle-man mark-ups and receive a quality product that, when purchased, truly makes a difference in someone’s life.

If you have selected a ‘one of a kind’ item, you will receive the EXACT piece you saw in the photo when you ordered.

 In 2008 I made the switch from regular Sterling Silver to the Argentium. Basically, a bit of Chromium is added to the Silver to make it highly tarnish resistant. Regular Sterling is .925 Silver, the Argentium is slightly higher and is actually at .93.

Product dimensions, weights and bead sizes are listed in each items description. I try to be as accurate as possible with dimensions. Tumbled stone sizes and shapes vary and I list their average size. For jewelry sizing I have provided descriptions and photos shown in ‘How Items Are Sized’ below.

We process all payments at the time you place your order.

Generally orders ship within 24 hours. If you have ordered a Custom Gemstone Kit, it can take up to 7 days to prepare your item and it will be shipped when the kit is ready. 

Yes! Yes you will. Many times better than the photo as I am not always able to capture all of their sparkle in an image. It may be hard to decide to order gems from just looking at photos, but I try my very best to accurately show their color and quality. Additionally, I hand select each gem for your order. If it’s chipped, cracked or just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t make it into your gem bag.