Finish your to-do list with Yellow Apatite Healing Qualities

Finish your to-do list. As I pushed through a busier than normal schedule over the past month, I found I was grabbing one of these as I set off for my day. I had just received a batch for the first time and didn’t know all it would provide. IfContinue Reading

Journaling: How To Find Your Self

Journaling: How To Find Your Self. Since it is a mindful practice shown to reduce stress and anxiety, there is no perfect grade for performing journaling. You don’t need fancy pens in colors of the rainbow – unless you want to.You don’t need expensive, leather bound sheets of paper –Continue Reading

Color Outside the Lines

This past January I accepted an invite to a wine and painting party. As an artist, I have always had trouble staying on the main stream path of coloring in the lines. I think it is just in my basic make up. When I had seen the invite with theContinue Reading

What's In a Name?

As far back as I can remember, I have made little paper baskets filled with what ever little flowers were blooming on May 1st. I don’t remember how it came to happen, perhaps from my Grandpa. Probably my Grandpa. As a child, I didn’t really understand the days’ importance. ThroughContinue Reading