Shungite Healing Properties

Shungite balances left and right sides of our body, or our ying and yang. If you want to feel more balance in your masculine and feminine energies, use this one.Continue Reading

Stay Home and Slow the Roll

UPDATE May 1, 2020: Happy Beltane! The fairies have returned with lots of laughs and giggles! Good news for my locals- I am now able to offer curbside/contactless pickup for your orders! I’m also thrilled to be offering a new product I am carrying to help reduce plastic water bottle waste. Bhavana Bottles. They are beautiful,Continue Reading

Find Your Glow in a Peaceful Place

We talk about this every December. Holiday induced stress IS a real thing. The shopping & wrapping, the cooking, the making our place perfect for guests – who stay too long, and on and on. But what about us? For myself, I make sure I get at least 10 to 15 minutes beforeContinue Reading

Pagan celebration of Samhain

Known by many as Halloween, Samhain (pronounced “sow-en”) for Pagans and Witches is a day to celebrate ancestors, harvests and the coming of the dark time of the year. The veil between the earthly and spiritual worlds is thinnest at this time making connecting with those who have passed muchContinue Reading

A walk in the woods

My journey began long ago. A flower child. Daughter of the sixties. Clad in worn out jeans and cute peasant shirts smocked with threads of all the colors of a rainbow after a summer storm. Hair bleached almost white from the summer sun, usually wind blown from being outside. WildContinue Reading

Can you dig it? Grounding yourself.

Ever feel like you could literally just get blown away from even the slightest breeze? Or maybe you just feel off balance, it’s hard to concentrate, things just seem disconnected? Well, you probably need to ground yourself. Now I’m not talking about electrical wires, but I guess in a wayContinue Reading