Pink Kunzite Healing Qualities

I had no idea PINK would be sooooo in! I’m really glad Hollywood agrees with my thinking. hahahahahaha 4th, Heart Chakra, Color of green and/or pink, Sanskrit: Anahataand7th, Crown Chakra, Color of white and/or violet, Sanskrit: Sahasrara Pink Kunzite can be stimulating to your crown chakra and your heart chakra. ItContinue Reading

Follow your spiritual path

Many of us have had the opportunity in the past to ‘contemplate life.’ The question I am asked most is “how did you find YOUR path to your spirituality and inner peace?” I’d love to say it was along a road of flowers and roses.Continue Reading

6 things to ask yourself daily

Right now, across the world, we are all on the same journey. Discovering our new normals, finding ways to cope being alone – or being together with our entire family, and we are all trying to figure this new way of living out. This list of six questions I foundContinue Reading

Mabon aka the Fall Equinox

Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox(aka The Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, Feast of Avalon) This day sees light and dark in balance again, before the descent to the dark times, a time of Thanksgiving. At this time, the god and goddess prepare for the sacrifice which ensures continued renewal, birthContinue Reading

Thankful for You!

Let us honor each other and give thanks so we may be one. I used to read this prayer at a monthly Drum Circle I hosted every November. While a bit long, it never loses significance for me. Please feel free to print or share. ~A Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Prayer~ The peopleContinue Reading