Using Crystals and Gems

Using Crystals and Gems - Have questions?

Within much of the information from some ‘teachers’ available today, the fear of doing something wrong has become very apparent. The more competent the advice appears, the more gratefully it seems to be received. The real danger is that these ‘rules’ may be followed blindly, and at times, without understanding the sense, or lack of sense, about them.

If you gathered up all of these rules together and seriously looked at them, like I did when I first started out on my healing path, you would probably end up not doing anything for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Trust Yourself

Using Crystals and Gems - Trust the path you are on.

It has now been my experience that the largest asset of healing truly is our own valuable intuition and sound common sense.

I find now that my intuitive ‘knowing’ is something I can trust. I believe that it comes to us when we have a mind that is open enough to ‘hear’ it.

Healers of old had basic principles and achieved a great expansion of innovation and creative energy as well as success in healing. I have found it has been better for myself to follow these old ways, relying on the ancient intuition that I believe resides inside us all.


Using Crystals and Gems - Clear Quartz Crystal

I have created the pages in this area of the site filled with information and suggestions explaining how some methods work — or don’t. Please feel free to explore, vary and expand on them.

You will then be able to decide what to use and when, which is what the art of healing is all about. If you have a question you do not find information on, please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to share what I have learned.