Learn about Gemstone Healing. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned veteran, each issue is chocked full of information, techniques and more. Be sure to add your birth date to get a special gift on your happy day!

Discover —
Why some gems work better with us personally than others using their specific Zodiac affinities.

Learn —
The reason a healing gems crystal structure is important, and how and why it can effectively work with each of us.

Practice Tips —
Wondering how to best use healing crystals in your everyday life? Some require a long time to hang out with us, some only in spurts. Learn to understand the differences.

Informative Topics —
Learn how to create balance, how to check your chakras, do an 'energetic' house cleaning and lots more.

Featured Gems —
Once a month a different gem is featured, and items featuring that gem are available with special prices just for subscribers.

Events & Class News —

Find out about any expos and faires I will be at or events at the store. I will also let you know about the what, where, and when of classes offered.

If you land on a gem page that does not have an expanded description of all its properties, it just means that it has not been a subject of the Gemstone News … yet. Please feel free to email me to request it gets moved to the top of the list.