Blue Apatite Healing Qualities, meanings and uses, including the associated Chakra, the Crystal System, Application/Use, Zodiac Affinity and associated Folklore.

Blue Apatite Healing Qualities

5th Chakra Symbol

5th or Throat Chakra
Color of light blue
Sanskrit: Vishuddha

Stabilizes emotions and the physical and emotional bodies. Is calming. Enhances creativity and psychic abilities, allows to be able to speak for oneself and to teach or perform. Aids in connection to spirit guides and angels and increases our ability to hear and work with them. Aids in rebirthing, dispels anger, aids in forgiveness of others and ourselves, and facilitates telepathy with people and pets.

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As with most gemstones, Apatite can be laid on the body when needed. A wonderful one to use during meditation bringing new insights or 'knowing' to old matters we have stumbled with.

I also consider it what I would term a 'helper' stone in that it works with other crystals in speeding the results we receive from them.

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Crystal System...

Apatite has a Hexagonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of phosphate. Its coloring can range from being grey, yellow, green or blue. The most common coloring we are used to seeing in jewelry or in its tumbled varieties would seem to be the bluer aqua shades.

Apatite is generally fairly opaque in its appearance and rarely found completely transparent. Its origins as a crystalline phosphate have generally occurred from magmatic activity. While more rare, it can have a sedimentary origin which seems to produce the more visibly transparent varieties. It is found over much of North America, Mexico, Norway, Russia and Sri Lanka.

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Apatite can provide openness and social ease. It can provide its user the ability to become more extroverted helping to live life with more variety. It can help in recognizing information that may be used personally or collectively by a group. It is also a great aid in developing deeper states of reflection and meditation which can result in a oneness with the higher self.


Apatite greatly helps us during times of apathy. It will encourage liveliness which helps when exhausted, and can also reduce irritation and aggression. It seems to be able to provide a balance between the emotional and physical body which can help to eliminate being too active or under active in our lifestyles.


Apatite again helps with apathy at the mental level of our life. It can also ease sorrow, anger and lack of motivation to bring our attention to the happier circumstances of our life. It is a tremendous aid in clearing mental confusion, and in doing this, allows new creativity to be awakened deep inside us.


Apatite, while reported to suppress hunger, seems to be more able to provide the stimulation of healthier eating habits. It helps to awaken energy reserves at the cellular level, encourages the formation of new cells, and can assist in growth of cartilage, bones and teeth, and is an aid in promoting the healing of broken bones and joint problems.

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Zodiac Affinity...

Apatite has a special affinity with those who are in the sign of Gemini, but is very beneficial to all signs. It carries an Electromagnetic Energy, its Planets are Jupiter and Mercury, and its Elements are Fire, Air and Earth.

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Since its appearance had long been confused with Beryl or Calcite it wasn't until 1786 that it received its name from the Greek word of 'apato' meaning 'to delude or deceive'.

Because of this late identification, Apatite is one that can be considered to be in its infancy as a healer due, in part, that it had been misidentified for so long. Any special attributes that may have applied to it from ancient times may not have been recorded due to not realizing it was unique in its make up.

In Native American lore it is considered a 'mind over matter' stone. It is recorded that it has been used to help quiet emotional upsets, especially during difficult times of separation or death of a loved one.

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