Chrysocolla Healing Qualities, meanings and uses, including the associated Chakra, the Crystal System, Application/Use, Zodiac Affinity and associated Folklore.

Chrysocolla Healing Qualities

Chakra Symbols 1 through 6 for Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is an awesome, multi-purposed stone.
It covers the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras!

Chiastolite promotes balance, good self-esteem and self-discipline. Aids in being open minded and non-judgemental. Gently encourages use of natural gifts and wholeness.

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Crystal System...

Chrysocolla has a monoclinic cystal system and is in the mineral class of ring silicates. It is formed by a secondary process in the oxidation zone of copper ore where surface water that contains silicic acid dissolves the copper out of the rock. Because Malachite is formed in the same type of manner, it is not uncommon to find the two joined together.

It can crystalize in the form of crusts, layers, large masses and even needle-like crystals. It's coloring can range from green to turquoise to blue shades, and is sometimes found with brown or black splotches. It can be found in the southwestern U.S., Mexico, Zaire, Russia, Peru and Afganistan.

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Chrysocolla, as with most gemstones, is best used when held or laid upon the body. Best results come when it is laid directly on a Chakra, but it is quite beneficial however you choose to use or carry it.

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Chrysocolla will encourage a self-awareness and balanced nature. It is a great aid in accepting the constant changes in life and will assist us in going through the ups and downs and still be able to pursue our goals.


Chrysocolla can provide stamina and drive in cases of laziness, but also provides a calming effect if nervous or irritable by promoting harmony. It can allow the release of distress from negative emotions and promote the understanding of others.


Chrysocolla encourages us to be neutral, have clarity and to keep a cool head. It also helps us to recognize that there is more to life than material things. It allows us to forgive old hurts and disappointments, which then clears the way for new, healthy ways of thinking.


Chrysocolla helps with infections, especially in the throat area. It can detoxify and fortify the liver functions, has a cooling effect, can lower blood pressure and speed up the healing of burns. It can also help to regulate stress related digestive problems and thyroid gland functioning. How does it do all these things? It releases the cells that hold on to sickness, which clears the way for healthy new cells to regenerate tissue and organs.

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Zodiac Affinity...

Chrysocolla has a special affinity with the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Taurus, but benefits all signs. It has a Receptive Energy, its Planet is Venus and its Element is Water.

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Chrysocolla has been used as a healing stone by Native American Indians for quite some time. It has also been used by musicians for its healing properties for the throat and lungs, and has been used or worn doing spells to attract love.

My first piece was gifted to me by a Hopi medicine man when I was eighteen, along with a tiny piece of Amethyst. He told me it was all I needed to discover my true path in this life and to be at peace with myself. I can still remember thinking- "yeah right, rocks" (and I probably rolled my eyes). Many moons and years later I still have his gifts ... he was soooo right.

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