Fuchsite Healing Qualities, meanings and uses, including the associated Chakra, the Crystal System, Application/Use, Zodiac Affinity and associated Folklore.

Fuchsite Healing Qualities

4th Chakra Symbol

4th or Heart Chakra
Color of green and/or pink
Sanskrit: Anahata

Fuschite's best association is with the minor Diaphragm Chakra which is located along the Hara line between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakras. Aids in collecting emotions into the diaphragm chakra for opening and release, soothes the release process. Also an aid for nausea.

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Crystal System...

Fuchsite has a Monoclinic crystal system and is the mineral class of phyllosilicates. Distinct crystals are uncommon and it is typically found in a tabular book-like form with basal planes showing a hexagonal or diamond-shaped outline. In some mica schists and quartzites, the base mineral of muscovite crystallizes with chromium impurities resulting in the emerald green colored variety of Mica called Fuchsite.

Its prism faces are striated (layered) horizontally and frequently taper. It is a very widespread and common rock forming mineral found with granites and granite pegmatites. It is also very common in metamorphic rocks, especially in mica schists where it is the most predominant mineral. Its emerald green coloring has an appearance that is usually perceived as pearly and metallic, and because of being in the Mica family it is very transparent in thin sheets and it is quite easy to rub and have tiny plates release where this would be most noticeable to the eye.

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Fuchsite is a great tool to use with other gems to enhance their energies. While not a strong healer on its own, it would need to be used for long periods of time by itself. Quartz seems to speed up energy transfer, but this one is more of an assistant than a leader.

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Fuchsite aids in bringing to light the perfection that resides in each of us. It can also be an aid to return to more spiritual thoughts after rough physical or emotional situations.


Fuchsite helps in our understanding of negative emotional issues that we may have adapted to and to gently dissolve them.


Fuchsite brings the knowledge and action required to many healers in providing the 'knowing' of what crystal or herb would best be used to resolve certain blocks or disorders. It can also help us in making decisions we may be having trouble making by bringing to light the best choice or answer.


Fuchsite has been used in treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome, for the balancing of red and white blood cell counts, as an aid in aligning the spinal column, and has been shown to help with promoting muscle flexibility.

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Zodiac Affinity...

Fuchsite has special affinities for those who are Aquarius. It carries both Projective and Receptive properties.

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Fuchsite can be an assistant to gardeners in helping 'plot' out your plans.

There are quite a few sites listing this one with Ruby included. While it could occur, generally it is Ruby in Zoisite that you would be purchasing. An awesome combination itself, but with a different crystal system and healing qualities.

It has been noted that if used during meditation, it can provide little 'movies' of choices available to you on your life path. You would simply decide which scene to bring into reality and make real.

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