Labradorite Healing Qualities, meanings and uses, including the associated Chakra, the Crystal System, Application/Use, Zodiac Affinity and associated Folklore.

Labradorite Healing Qualities

Chakras 6 and 7 Symbols

6th, Brow or Third Eye Chakra, Color of dark blue, Sanskrit: Anja
7th or Crown Chakra, Color of purple, Sanskrit: Sahasrara

Labradorite appears in colors of green, blue and yellow and is associated with several Chakras. My preference is at either the Brow or Crown Chakra.

Connects the emotional and mental bodies and activates the Hara line. Protects and clears the aura of negative energy and psychic attacks. Opens vision Chakras for using the eyes in psychic healing. Aids in the ability to see and communicate with other positive beings and protects from negative ones. Fosters a consciousness of life purpose and provides a transforming, intense energy.

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Crystal System...

Labradorite has a triclinic crystal system and is in the mineral class of Lattice Silicate, in the Feldspar family. The Feldspar family contains many of the favorite 'flashy' gems such as Albite, Moonstone and Sunstone. It is mainly formed in alkaline igneous rocks and was discovered in 1770 on the Labrador peninsula which is how it acquired its name.

Since its discovery it has now been found all over the world. A more granular variety has been discovered in Oregon, but some of the nicest flash is currently found in India and from South America. Its coloring can be misleading at first, usually a gray or green. When it is turned for different views, its inner beauty is revealed. The iridescent flashes of color we see come from its fine laminate structure that bends the incoming light.

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Labradorite reveals its spiritual effects most noticeably during meditation, especially when laid upon the third eye. When worn, it helps with beneficial transformations in patience and our 'inner knowing' of the right time for action.

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Labradorite is an awesome illusion killer. It clearly shows us our goals and intentions as they really are. It also strengthens intuition and its transformation to intelligent thought.


Labradorite reminds us of forgotten memories and brings a depth of feeling. It can stimulate imagination and creativity.


Labradorite provides us with child like enthusiasm and many new ideas. While it provides much creativity, it can sometimes be erratic, or too much at once. It may be necessary in those instances to limit its use until accustomed to working with this one.


Labradorite has been known to alleviate 'feeling cold', has helped with colds, rheumatic illnesses and gout. It also seems to have a blood pressure lowering effect and is calming to most of its users.

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Zodiac Affinity...

Labradorite has a special affinity with Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo, but is beneficial to all signs. It's Energy is Projective and is generally associated with the waning Moon or Crone aspect in that it provides understanding of others to its user.

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Labradorite, with its shifting colors of blues, greens and yellow, has been used as a colorful shield for protecting the aura, especially from 'psychic vampires'.

There are also accounts that its radiant flashes of color have been left as a gift from extra-terrestrial beings wishing to provide us with energies from other worlds to be used here on earth.

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