Eye of Shiva Shells

The Shiva Eye Shell comes from a specific type of snail found off the coast of Thailand.  It is the Operculum, or the “trap door” of the shell the snail goes in and out of. These little lovelies wash up upon the shore where locals and craftsmen pick them up. GenerallyContinue Reading

What Is Kambamba Jasper

What is Kambamba Jasper? All the planetary retrogrades and eclipses seem to be finished for the year now. Much has been exposed to the light of day. This stone is another one I’ve seen around for a while, but had not spent time working with. And spoiler alert, yes I’mContinue Reading

Finish your to-do list with Yellow Apatite Healing Qualities

Finish your to-do list. As I pushed through a busier than normal schedule over the past month, I found I was grabbing one of these as I set off for my day. I had just received a batch for the first time and didn’t know all it would provide. IfContinue Reading

Follow your spiritual path

Many of us have had the opportunity in the past to ‘contemplate life.’ The question I am asked most is “how did you find YOUR path to your spirituality and inner peace?” I’d love to say it was along a road of flowers and roses.Continue Reading