Full Moon in Virgo February 2024

For many of us, the New Moon in Aquarius seemed to provide a long awaited energy shift – in a good way. As celestial events continue to capture our attention, the Full Moon in Virgo on February 24th (2:30am Central) emerges as a celestial spectacle with profound implications for ourContinue Reading

Pink Kunzite Healing Qualities

I had no idea PINK would be sooooo in! I’m really glad Hollywood agrees with my thinking. hahahahahaha 4th, Heart Chakra, Color of green and/or pink, Sanskrit: Anahataand7th, Crown Chakra, Color of white and/or violet, Sanskrit: Sahasrara Pink Kunzite can be stimulating to your crown chakra and your heart chakra. ItContinue Reading

Eye of Shiva Shells

The Shiva Eye Shell comes from a specific type of snail found off the coast of Thailand.  It is the Operculum, or the “trap door” of the shell the snail goes in and out of. These little lovelies wash up upon the shore where locals and craftsmen pick them up. GenerallyContinue Reading