It is a very old practice, but still a very practical one to use today. A session can end as soon as you feel an improvement in the problem area.

Where Should I Start?

Use crystals laid upon the body for healing

When a correct stone is chosen for a particular position on your body where there is some pain or energy deficiency, it is almost as though it gets sucked onto your skin. When you apply this practice, press the stone to your body with light pressure. After about a minute, you may release your hand. Generally, the stone will stay in place, even in a spot where you would think that gravity would make it fall off.

It is important not to try and extend a healing period unnecessarily. Remember, end as soon as you feel a definite improvement in the problem area. Take heart in the relief you have received at this time even if you feel it is not complete. End the treatment and enjoy your results. You will always be able to resume the treatment again at a later time.

In healing, impatience is an unfavorable trait. You can’t force things to happen, especially in healing. Just like the illness in a body or spirit has grown gradually, the changing of that should be the same, gradual, for the best results.

Should I Consider My Timing?

Timing your application of crystals for healing

Another thing you will want to consider is the timing of this type of treatment. Our organs are not active at the same level at all hours of the day or night. Mentally, our times of activity and rest, times of great output and times for regenerating are activated by our brain. This is a tangible timing we are familiar with. It is the same for our other organs, they are just on a different time schedule.

Generally, our organs are most positively influenced when their activity is on the increase or almost at their peak. For practitioners following the phases of the Moon, this would correlate to your reasons of doing spell work from the New to Full Moon when you wish to draw in positive influences and change. Good timing will result in the optimum desired effect.

The chart shown below is a guide to your body’s internal organ clock. You will be able to see the times a certain kind of treatment for physical ailments may promise to be the most successful and rewarding. Please keep in mind that our bodies are not on GMT (Grenich Mean Time), they are always on your real local time and they disregard daylight savings time and such.

Organ Clock Chart