I can suggest two ways to experience meditating with your gemstones. You will need to be the judge of what works best for you.

Suggestion One

Contemplating the stone form of meditation

Suggestion one: Allow yourself enough undisturbed time and sit in a quiet spot. It could be in a chair or on the floor. The important thing to remember is to sit with a straight spine. If you’re slumped over, your bent back will tire and prevent you from meditating.

Place the stone in front of you, and if possible, at eye level. The right level and distance have been reached if you are able to gaze at the stone, fully relaxed, for quite a while.

It is also an advantage to not have a candle, lamp, or even window light shining in your eyes. This will distract you. Your entire focus should be on the stone in front of you. By sitting like this, quietly, without moving, undistracted, you can become as slow as the stone in front of you. Suddenly you may see, understand and experience it as a living being. Go ahead and let yourself be surprised.

Suggestion Two

Lay stones on your chakras and meditate

A second path to begin meditating with stones is by ‘laying-on’. Again, give yourself plenty of time in an undisturbed spot, and make sure you have slept well.

Some of the best places to lay stones on are the forehead (between your eyebrows), the heart, the solar plexus (one hand-width up from your naval), or the lower edge of the pelvic bone. Then, consciously relax yourself, bit by bit, from your head to your toes.

Take note of your breathing. With each breath become slower and slower until you are as slow as the stone that rests upon you. Then, allow yourself to be filled up with the stone.

Identify with it and become it. When you become like the stone itself, its memory will open up for you and you can see the world with its eyes.

Keep It Simple

Meditating with stones is a wonderful experience

Meditation simply put means “complete spiritual awareness at one particular place in time and space.”

When you achieve it, you will recognize it instantly and gain understanding from the experience as to what purpose it can have in your life.