Using Crystal and Gemstone circles for healing

The effects from sitting in a circle are first noticed on the spiritual level, then the emotional and finally, at the mental level. It works on the most subtle parts of your being.

It’s OK to Experiment!

Sitting in a stone and crystal circle

You may choose to sit or lie down when doing this. There will be some experimenting involved in determining the correct radius and number of stones (four to seven is a good start) for making the circle. If you feel restricted or closed in, increase the size of the circle or remove a stone. If you feel distracted, the circle may be too large or you may need to add a stone.

When you feel a sense of well being, you have achieved the right radius and number of stones for you. In repeating this type of treatment you may experience variations on the size that is needed depending on your current situation and your mood. Gradually your feeling for the circle will improve and you will intuitively be able to determine the correct radius and number of stones on the first try.

How Long Is Enough?

Sitting with gemstones for healing

The amount of time to sit or lay in your circle will vary. Stay until you distinctively feel better or get a strong urge to leave. Don’t ignore your urges. This could be ten minutes or a couple of hours, just follow your instincts. You can leave the circle set up if you like and continue another time.

It is best to be rested, especially if you will be laying in the circle, otherwise you might fall asleep through the best parts because it is a beautiful experience you won’t want to miss.Use the circle as a daily ‘recovery island’ in your life. After continued use, even a few minutes will result in your feeling relaxed and regenerated.

Many people have found better results when sitting facing the direction of north or laying with their head to the north. You can experiment with what feels most comfortable for yourself.