Hexagonal Crystal System

Discover why you are drawn to your favorite gem and what crystal system guides your makeup

Crystals in the Hexagonal Crystal System

Hexagonal Crystal Systems, as a general rule, take the form of pillars as in Apatite, Aquamarine, Beryl, Morganite and Emerald. The hexagon shape has the smallest perimeter in relation to the area enclosed. It is an efficient use of space, and it is the same type that bees use to build their honeycombs. This type of efficiency is the central theme of a Hexagonal lifestyle that gives the great

urge to succeed and has plenty of direction. This would apply to long-term as well as daily plans.

If you are a Hexagonal person, you will ultimately reach anything you aim for. You lead a consistent lifestyle where ideas are chosen conciously and made real through step by step processes. You love honesty and the shortest path is your favorite one.

Diversions and distractions will be put to the side. Your actions are well planned and prepared. Whether it’s social, personal, political or spiritual in nature, you will work tirelessly with zeal and dedication to achieve your goals. You never seem to lose sight of them, and this is what carries you through, no matter how difficult the path to completion.

Time Structure

Time is one of your most precious commodities. You are eager to use it wisely and have a great distaste for wasting it. Reaching your goal is more important than the path to it. You can easily separate the necessary from the superfluous. Your days are always filled and boredom is unknown to you. There is always a goal ahead of you, and once it is reached you quickly find another. Being quick on the uptake you always remain very motivated. It is rare for you to become distracted.


Your life clearly emphasizes the rational side of things. You are verrrrrry thorough, one might say even fussy about things and are only content if your plan is working down to the last detail. As a rule, only the best will do and your plans are always impeccable.


Your life clearly emphasizes the rational side of things. For you, it is another reason to reach the top and a position in life where you determine your own fate.


While you can experience feelings very intensely, you can detach from them in an instant if they start to slow you down or prevent you from acting. Here too, your inner tendencies to overcome can be a great advantage. You are also very individualistic since you dislike being hemmed in by others and refuse to be slowed down or oppressed.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Gems in the Hexagonal Crystal System

While you may be bound for success, you may find that you stop one step away from the top. This stems from your desire to continue to have a goal in front of you rather than sit at the top with no where to go. It is better to be the best pupil rather than become the teacher, better to be the boss’s right-hand person rather than the boss.

As a rule, you will take care of your health and engage in just enough activity to keep fit. That is, of course, unless other things do not become more important. If your time is running out to complete a project, you will have no qualms about skipping meals, drinking coffee standing up and grabbing a quick snack on the run. Be careful though, with your pragmatic thinking it can rapidly become a habit.

If you do become ill, generally, the main reason will be overwork and very little consideration of yourself and your needs. You will be impatient in the get-well process as well. Hexagonal lifestyles have the greatest risk of having acute illnesses becoming chronic because of this impatience. You can too easily become accustomed to taking pills to fight fatigue or to bring sleep and justify it because they guarantee that you will keep functioning.

Your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness! It may be too easy to be fixed on a single goal and not look right or left. This can result in your being driven by the feeling that you constantly lack the time to do all you need to do. Your impatience and stress constantly increase until you find you lack any spiritual nourishment…because there is not enough time to fit that in. While sheer willpower will take you a long way, the collapse will happen.

When this side of you gets out of sync, your goals have been set so high that they will most certainly not be attained. Positive change can begin with a simple principle. Do as you say. Remain willing to evaluate what you are doing along the way.

Keep in mind that goals can be changed, and one of yours should always be to keep an option open to allow for that change or to take a walk down a different path. Tolerance and acceptance of others will then never get in your way but will actually encourage you with a combination of foresight and a global view of life.