Tetragonal Crystal System and You

If you are a Tetragonal person, you can make detailed plans one moment and throw them out the next.

Tetragonal Crystal System

Tetragonal Crystal Systems include all crystals with a rectangular inner structure. Tetragonal minerals usually form crystals with rectangular pillars. They sometimes have flat boundaries but can also have pyramid points. Some examples would include Apophyllite, Rutile and Zircon. The shape of a rectangle is similar to a square and can superficially resemble a cubic lifestyle. At their core though they are very different. If you are a

Tetragonal person, it will appear to others that you are always certain about what you are doing and everything is under control. The humor here is that what appears to be well planned is actually spontaneous with you. You will always be able to explain the logic in your actions, even if it was something you did just because you ‘felt like it’. But your life has two faces, an inner one and an outer one.

If you are a Tetragonal person, you can make detailed plans one moment and throw them out the next. Some of this can be from spontaneous changes and some come from mistaken estimates on how long certain tasks might take. While you strive to bring order to your life by planning ahead, you know it will all come out differently and do not find it hard to make constant changes. Those around you find this disconcerting because you appear to show so much stability and reliability on the outside.

Time Structure

You love the new and unknown and every day is different for you. Once you have finished something, you are done and that is it! This also means that when something is unworkable, you will drop it and move on to something new. You are eager to learn from every new experience and see how to improve on it the next time. For you, this trait is an enormous part of personal development. To others, it is often seen as being unpredictable.


Your capacity for analytical thought and the volatile nature of your emotional life are at the root of your actions. While you can evaluate information quickly, your interpretation will be strongly governed by your feelings of the moment. You can change your mind quickly when needed and support your new opinion with the same intensity as you did for the old one the day before. Whatever the situation, you will always have an answer for every question.


Generally you feel secure, but you will always keep yourself in a position where you can decide if and when, and to whom you will reveal your inner feelings and thoughts.


If it’s necessary, you can hide your moods and feelings in order to appear appropriate. This dual nature can also be seen in your ever changing outward appearance and your wanting to fit in to every situation.

Spirit Quartz

Weaknesses and Strengths

Apophyllite is in the tetragonal crystal system

The calculated way of expressing yourself does contain risk. If you are not careful, you can develop an impenetrable facade that provides you with protection, but will take an enormous effort to maintain. This can make you dishonest in sharing your thoughts, even to those closest to you. You will run the risk of inner loneliness while you outwardly appear sociable and friendly. A double life can arise out of a conflict of wanting to give in to your feelings while also wanting to keep your life in control. If you do things that you yourself disagree with, a shame that you feel needs to be hidden can be created.

Your day of truth may finally arrive when you are forced into confessing one of your secrets. You may put much effort into making a new facade, use a great deal of persuasion to reinterpret all visible evidence, or draw a veil over everything. Many times you will succeed, but if you fail, you will become so overwhelmed that you may completely collapse. With the loss of self-confidence, shame and feeling inferior, you will devalue everything, even the positive achievements in your life.

Your shame can have a destructive effect. Your repressed aggressions may become focused outward, seeking revenge on whoever exposed you, or become focused inward creating depression, or in extreme cases you may choose to find an inward “better world”. Some believe that schizophrenia may be a result of this type of collapse where life is lived in several parallel realities. If you get past this collapse in a negative way, you are likely to build even bigger walls than before and will never allow anyone else to be strong beside you.

Take heart! Your combination of feelings, spontaneity and analytical thinking makes a positive development in your lifestyle possible as well! You no longer have to invest your energy in building your walls and maintaining them, you will penetrate them and discover their secrets. Your own experiences have taught you that appearance isn’t everything, and you will strive to find the deeper and hidden connections in things.

The same energies used to hide your bad side can be used in your search for the “why” of things. Your imagination is the gift you have to make things visible. Intuition tells you that you have a task in your life however it decides to appear. To discover and live it may provide a challenge to your capabilities, but its rewards can be a happy, joyful life.

I know this to be true because I am a Tetragonal person that has lived through the collapse! My ways may appear unconventional to some, but my new path is much happier and more fulfilling than that old worn out one that just didn’t work.