Blue Kyanite Triclinic Crystals

If you are a Triclinic person, the ups and downs found in the Monoclinic lifestyle are even more noticeable here as you go back and forth between much larger extremes.

Triclinic Crystal System

The Triclinic Crystal System: those that have the inner shape of a trapezium (three inclined angles). The beauty of these crooked or bent crystals is that they have no right angles. The most striking example of where this is displayed is in Amazonite which forms in the shape of two trapeziums joined together. Other types are Kyanite, Labradorite, Rhodonite, Sunstone and Turquoise.

This crystal shape has a broad base which symbolizes a stable nature. However, it does need to be flipped upside down many times just to fit in. When it’s upside down it’s rather insecure looking. Both of these realities are present in a triclinic lifestyle as things seem to flip flop for you. Volatile, spontaneous and unpredictable, even to yourself, the course of your life is erratic. Fate continuously takes a

hand in presenting you with unexpected new challenges.

If you are a Triclinic person, the ups and downs found in the Monoclinic lifestyle are even more noticeable here as you go back and forth between much larger extremes. This makes plans of any sort almost impossible.

Even physically your body can demonstrate extreme contrasts. You can feel tough and strong but appear to be weak, or you could look like Mr. or Ms. Universe but be no where as strong as you appear. Usually though, your appearance will mirror your mood. Dressed to kill or totally grunged, you master every nuance. To someone who doesn’t know you well, this can be a nice surprise or they could be horrified.

Time Structure

Time holds a fascinating subjectivity for you. Some days, it races by swiftly, while on others, it seems to stretch endlessly. Lacking an objective measure, you’ve grown accustomed to estimating periods and points in time, often with surprising accuracy. Those in your vicinity marvel at your precision, even in the face of unforeseen obstacles. Your intuitive “guesstimates” frequently prove more accurate than intricate calculations.


Your actions also encounter comparable scenarios. On one occasion, everything aligns seamlessly – tasks flow effortlessly, everything runs smoothly, and no issues loom on the horizon. However, the following day may present a stark contrast, where a simple act like getting out of bed results in stubbing your toe, and the day unfolds with a cascade of challenges. It’s in these moments that you might catch yourself yearning to have remained in bed, sheltered under the covers.


In contrast to the rhythmic fluctuations of a Monoclinic lifestyle, your moods exhibit a zigzag pattern. Each shift can range from agony to ecstasy without any apparent logic. Surprisingly, these mood swings seem largely independent of whether your overall life is characterized by happiness or not.

Sunstone Crystal


Your creativity is abundant, teeming with ideas that demand swift realization, as they can vanish in an instant. Days filled with inspiration may alternate with those marked by a frustrating absence of ideas, emphasizing the importance of promptly bringing your creative thoughts to fruition.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Labradorite is in the Triclinic Crystal System

Your approach to situations can be either positive or negative, shaping the diversity of your daily highs and lows. Opting for negativity can turn your everyday experiences into a tumultuous journey. Negativity often starts with indifference, stemming from the perception that constant change leaves you with little influence over your internal or external environment. As a protective measure, you might develop a cloak of apathy, which shields you from excessive involvement but deepens an attitude of enduring rather than actively engaging with challenges.

The consequence of succumbing to apathy is the emergence of a victim mindset. It manifests as a belief in bad fate and persistent misfortune, attributing malice to others. Feeling threatened or under attack by malevolent forces becomes a prevailing sentiment. Declining assistance becomes a reflex, fueled by suspicion towards the motives of helpers or healers. The lowest point is reached when the anticipated high points cease to materialize, leading to a profoundly disheartened state of mind.

Reclaiming your high points involves deciding on a positive new beginning. Your dynamic nature enables you to take a leap of faith, even from the lowest depths. Given your ease in decision-making, any spiritual choice you make is executed with steadfast consistency.

Despite the enduring challenges along the arduous journey of your life, the prevailing uncertainty fosters the growth of your sixth sense and other innate gifts. Through this, you find the capacity to discern meaning in the events of your tumultuous life. The fluctuations, rather than being mere ups and downs, transform into a winding path that consistently leads you uphill. With the expansion of your abilities, a newfound faith emerges, making the occurrence of miracles conceivable.