using crystals for healing

The effects of any gem can be used to dissolve a block within a related lifestyle type.

Gems in the trigonal crystal system

Trigonal Crystal Systems can take the form of pillars like Tourmaline or Emerald. Most of us are familiar with the shapes of Rock Crystal, Amethyst or Rose Quartz.

Many popular favorites fall into this category. Agates, the Quartz family, Aventurine, Bloodstone, the Chalcedony family, Calcite, Chrysoprase, the Jasper family, Rhodochrosite, Tiger’s Eye, Tiger Iron and many more. We are drawn to them for the simplicity they bring to a complicated, modern

world and busy, stressful lifestyles.

Since the triangle is the simplest geometric form, it follows that a trigonal lifestyle would also be basically simple. If this is your lifestyle, it is uncomplicated and very tranquil. While you like the comforts of luxury when it’s affordable, you won’t pay a higher price for wealth or power. You are pragmatic, realistic and your actions are dominated by the least amount of effort for the maximum success.

Whenever possible, the path of least resistance is your favorite, and negligence will be more familiar than ambition. You will stick to your idea or opinion and patiently wait for its hour to come. You are happy to let things come to you rather than be hasty.

Time Structure

You have all the time in the world. You will carry out tasks one after the other and as long as impossible demands are not made on you, you are usually very reliable. Your day has a rhythm and finishing on time at days end is important. Nothing irritates you more than unnecessary rushing around and people who spread stress around them.


Your actions are pragmatic. Things are learned by observing and you are skilled in simplifying the way things get done. Sometimes you may be accused of being lazy, but you should remember that the greatest inventions came about from a sort of laziness and the desire to make things easier.


Since you are totally practical, complicated theories won’t be your cup of tea. What counts with you is whether something works … or not. It’s this attitude that often allows you to become a master in your field or career.


Because of your tendency to make things easy for yourself, in order to have your peace, you may retreat into an inner island. While mental vacations have their value, caution should be taken not to drift into indifference or apathy. Without feelings you would merely exist, be bored, and your life would be very one sided.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Gems in the trigonal crystal system

Apathy and a slow spiritual death don’t need to happen to you if you can remain open and helpful to others and retain your interest in a fulfilled lifestyle. Your gift of simplicity CAN create happiness for you and others. Your knack for finding simple solutions makes you a valued advisor. You find it easy to separate fantasy from fact so decisions are well founded. It is something you can rely on. Common sense is your greatest asset. Clear thoughts that are direct and honest don’t allow you to be deluded easily.

Since you can remain neutral, you can listen without making judgements and are able to understand where someone is coming from. These traits are what allow you to help others the most. It is this neutrality of thought that will help you to grow tolerant and gain the ability to take others at face value whether you may agree with them or not. People will sense your tolerance and will trust you. Your words will carry more weight than others with enthusiastic opinions.

The result of your growth process is harmony in your actions and thoughts. They will harmonize in a simple fashion and you will feel good and be content with your life. There will always be something to do, life will not be boring. Your relaxed attitude will encourage a healthy faith in the future, even when it’s uncertain because for you, there is always one thing you are certain of … in simplicity there is truth.