Wearing and carrying gems

If something seems
to feel or remains
uncomfortable to use,
double check your
choice of stone because
healing makes us feel
better – not worse.

When I speak of wearing and carrying, I mean all types of applications that will place the stone close to your body for fairly long periods of time.

Deciding How to Wear

Turquois healing pendant

This can mean as a pendant, earrings, a chain of stones, or even carrying a comforting tumbled stone in your pocket. Whatever you decide, it is best to have direct contact with your skin. Even natural fiber clothing will somewhat shield the effects of a stone, although they can also help ease you into wearing it by subduing its energies a bit. In choosing to wear or carry a healing crystal, they should be used until a clear improvement of the situation or symptoms has happened.

In the beginning there may actually seem to be an increase of your symptoms. Don’t be alarmed, it just means that the problem or illness is being addressed, and that is a symptom of healing. These increases can last from a couple of hours to several days. If it has been a week and there has been no marked improvement, your choice of stone probably needs to be checked.

Ease Into Your Use of a Crystal

Choosing between wearing jewelry or carrying a stone

Sometimes the initial increase of an ailment can seem unbearable. I have found that wearing the stone two or three times for a half hour or so a day eases the transition to good healing in a more comfortable manner. It doesn’t seem to sacrifice the overall curative effects and can be much more bearable to start out with.

There is no formula (proven anyway) about the correct amount of time to wear a crystal since we are all different. What works well with one person can seem like torture to another. It is important to remember that we are working on healing, not trying to endure something that is uncomfortable.

When in doubt, it is best to gradually increase the amount and frequency of the time you use a particular crystal or gem. Start once daily, then twice, then three times. During this same time, gradually increase the length of time from a half hour, to an hour, etc. etc.