2nd Chakra Custom Blended Oil


2nd Chakra Custom Blended Oil comes in a 1 dram bottle and is hand blended, drop by drop using only the finest oils. Use on yourself or on your gems (use with caution on certain stone types). External use only!

Available for purchase individually or as a set.

1 dram bottle contains: Orange, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Myrrh and Sweet Almond Oils, Chamomile Bud and Carnelian Gem

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2nd Chakra Custom Blended Oil

2nd Chakra SymbolThe 2nd Chakra is about pleasure and self-gratification. It is located between the pubic bone and the naval and is also rooted in the spine. This is where we access the lowest level of our emotional body and the area that holds one’s unhealed inner child. Images of this, and past, life traumas are stored here, and the ability to release old emotions is also based at this Chakra.

When our 2nd Chakra is in balance, we are provided with our emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure, are able to nuture ourselves and others, can utilize our ability to change, and become able to put healthy boundaries into place. Creative thoughts and actions flow and move freely, and we are relaxed. Β Learn more about the 2nd Chakra using this link >>>

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