Green Kyanite Crystals


Green Kyanite Crystals, all natural in what are called blade shapes. Color ranges from dark to medium green. Some have streaks of blue in their center. This current shipment is very gemmy and had a few with black tourmaline strands.

Size: varies with most being 1/2″ to 3/4″ long, 1/4″ wide, 3/16″ thick (some larger).

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Green Kyanite opens and clears the Heart Chakra, connects the emotional body to the etheric body. Enables you to process feelings and release sorrow, alienation, anger and grief. Encourages compassion for the suffering and oneness of all life. Increases the ability to reach out to others and to love again after loss.

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Green Kyanite Crystals

Green Kyanite has a Triclinic crystal system and is in the mineral class of silicates. It is usually formed as long, bladed crystals that can be up to a foot long. Kyanite’s coloring can range from bluish, green or aqua to almost colorless. Black sprays are also found in Brazil and are very brittle.

Quite often it is found with Andalusite and Sillimanite and it is an important refractory for porcelains, high temperature bricks and spark plugs. Until recently it used to only be found in the U.S., but it has now become available from mining efforts in Kenya and East Africa where they are uncovering some of the largest and clearest crystals to date.

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