Litha/Summer Solstice E-Book: Embracing the Height of Summer

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Celebrate the vibrant energy and abundance of the Summer Solstice with my beautifully crafted 16 page e-guide book. It is designed to immerse you in the traditions and magic of this powerful time, offering a rich collection of traditions, feast ideas and recipe, correspondences, a craft project, journal prompts, a coloring page and tarot layout to enhance your seasonal celebration.

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  1. Introduction to Litha:
    • Historical Background: Discover the ancient roots of the Summer Solstice, from its pagan origins to modern-day celebrations around the world.
    • Symbolism and Significance: Learn about the symbols associated with Litha, such as the sun, fire, and nature’s bounty, and their meanings.
  2. Traditions and Rituals:
    • Solstice Rituals: Create meaningful traditions to honor the longest day of the year, including fire ceremonies, sun salutations, and offerings to the earth.
    • Craft Activities: Make flower crowns, sun catchers, or herb bundles to decorate your space and enhance your connection to nature. Instructions to create a Spirit Bag.
  3. Seasonal Recipe:
    • Lavender & Lemon Shortbread: easy to make and delicious to eat!

  4. Journal Prompts:
    • Reflection and Intention: Thought-provoking prompts designed to help you reflect on the past season and set intentions for the months ahead. Examples include:
      • “What personal growth have you experienced since the last solstice?”
      • “What is your favorite childhood memory of playing outside in the summer?”
      • “What practices can you do to ignite your inner fire?”
    • Nature Connection: Prompts to deepen your relationship with the natural world, such as “How can you use the medicine of the sun for your growth?”
  5. Tarot Layout:
    • Summer Solstice 8 Card Spread: A specially designed tarot spread to provide insight and guidance for the season. Includes:
    • SUNRISE. Celebration of my fire aspects 
    • and 6 more areas of discovery
  1. Seasonal Correspondences:
    • Crystals: A guide to crystals associated with Litha, such as sunstone, citrine, and carnelian, including their properties and how to use them.
    • Herbs and Flowers: Information on herbs and flowers that are potent during the summer solstice, such as chamomile, lavender, and rose, along with suggestions for their use in rituals and crafts.
    • Colors, Symbols and Deities
    • Coloring Sheet
    • Assorted Affirmations throughout

This Litha/Summer Solstice booklet is designed to be a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to deepen their connection with this vibrant time of year. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the traditions, this booklet offers something for everyone to enrich their solstice experience.

1 review for Litha/Summer Solstice E-Book: Embracing the Height of Summer

  1. diannasadie17 (verified owner)

    What beautiful artwork and lots of helpful, educational information. Love how easy and affordable it was to order, print and download. Are you going to create this book for all the Sabbat’s?

    • Sue Sullivan

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. And, yes, I will be doing more of these for the Sabbats 😀

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