Prehnite Tumbled Stones


Prehnite Tumbled Stones. These are grade “A” for color and clarity. Their average size is about 1″.

They are a nice minty, sometimes a bit more yellow green in their coloring. If you wondered what the dark stuff is, it’s Black Tourmaline and/or Epidote needles showing as spots, veins or inclusions.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Prehnite assists in forming friend and family relationships and developing individual personality. Brings about a healthy love and self-acceptance in that it promotes the right to love and be loved in a noncompetitive manner. In removing the intolerance of ourselves or others a loving balance can be achieved.

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Prehnite Tumbled Stones

Prehnite has a rhombic crystal system, is in the mineral class of group silicates and considered to be in the Zeolites family. It has a ‘hot water’ origin and is generally the first crystal in a trapped lining of rock. Not discovered until the end of the eighteenth century, this was the first stone to be named after its discoverer. Major Prehn brought back samples from the Cape of Good Hope near South Africa.

Prehnite can be found world-wide. The ones I carry are coming from the Mumbai District in Brazil. Generally in its crystal on matrix form, it’s coloring would appear to be almost colorless, opaque white or yellow, or pale to a darker green. Generally it is found crystallized in compact masses rather than large individual crystal masses, so I was tickled that they found a vein large enough to produce in tumbled form and in a nice minty green color.

When held by themselves, they are not one of those ‘high energy’ types, but I have found that in using a small quartz crystal with one will amp things up quite a bit. Prehnite encourages our analytical thinking and can speed up the process of sensory perception.

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