Quartz – Hematoid aka Golden Healer


Quartz – Hematoid aka Golden Healer tumbled stones. Shapes vary. Some are long and flat, some are chunkier shapes.

Size:: 1-1/4 inches by 3/4 inch (shapes vary, some long and flat, some chunkier shapes)

1st, Root or Base Chakra
Sanscrit: Muladhara

Hematoid Quartz (aka Golden Healer in the Yellow colors) removes negative energy, transforming and transmuting it into the positive energy of universal love. While very grounding, it also uplifts our clarity in understanding the difference between our unconscious reactions and conscious responses.

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Quartz – Hematoid aka Golden Healer

Hematoid Quartz is in the Triclinic Crystal System in the mineral class of Silicates. It is a common find all over the world. Currently much that is available comes from places like Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Madagascar, Namibia, Spain, UK, and the US.

Hematoid Quartz contains Hematite and or Limonite inclusions. These inclusions can show themselves as small dark brown or red-brown stars, streaks or clouds within the Quartz.

Out in the world market, it can also be found by the names of Golden Healer Quartz, Harlequin Quartz, Specularite Quartz, and Fire Quartz. In the geology world, it is correctly called Ferruginous Quartz. The term Ferruginous means that it contains iron oxides which are the main makeup of both Hematite and Limotite.

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