Yule/Winter Solstice Ritual Box


Includes everything needed for a simple Yule / Winter Solstice Celebration!

Carnelian: radiates warmth like the sun reminding us all is well; Black Obsidian: grounds, protects and guides you to see the truth; Bahia Amethyst Point: a stone of peace that protects, keeps you safe and relaxed; Rose Quartz: reminds you to be kind to yourself and ensures love and balance; Clear Quartz: amplifies our desire for change during our winter hibernation time; Selenite: tree shaped tower to welcome the returning light.

Yule Sage Bundle: for clearing your space and blessing stones, decorations and your altar. White Sage, Red corn husk bow and Schinus Molle Seeds. (aka Pepper Seeds. Botanical Name is Schinus molle L. Fresh, warm, sweet-spicy aroma with a faint floral note, a dry, slightly smoky undertone, and back notes resembling Angelica and Juniper).

Yule Oil: use to bless yourself and/or to just wear until Imbolc in the beginning of February.

Candles: white, green, red and gold.

Reindeer Incense burner: Place on altar cloth along with your Yuletide Vibe incense, stones, candles and any other decorations.

Complete Ritual Instructions and it all arrives in handy storage box.

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What is Yule / Winter Solstice?

Yule is also known as Midwinter or the Winter Solstice. For many, this time of year finds us baking cookies, planning festive occasions for friends and family, searching for that “perfect” tree to place in our homes, gathering firewood for those cold nights so soon upon us. The scent of cinnamon, apples, and evergreen unite to evoke memories long forgotten. We are celebrating the return of the Sun. It is the time of the winter solstice, when the nights are at their longest.

After the moment of the solstice, the days begin to grow in strength again, and the tide in the struggle between light and dark begins to turn. Yule, or jül is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The word itself comes from the Old English geöl. Yule symbols and themes have long been a part of our pagan past. The Norse word for Yule means “Wheel.”

In ancient Chaldee, the word yule meant “infant” or “little child.” The concept of the Old Father Time and the Baby New Year have these same pagan overtones as well. Each are views of the old being replaced by the new.

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