Angelite Tumbled Stone


Angelite tumbled stone. These absolutely buzz with energy. Angelite helps raise awareness at a subconscious level of ones personal power and has the potential for raising ones state of consciousness.

Sizes vary but these are generally what I’d call a medium as most are 1″.

5th Chakra Symbol5th or Throat Chakra
Sanscrit: Vishudda

Angelite stabilizes emotions and the physical and emotional body. Is calming, enhances creativity and psychic abilities. Aids in connection with Spirit Guides and Angels and increases the ability to hear and work with them psychically. Aids rebirthing, dispels anger and assists with forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

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Angelite tumbled stone has an orthorombic crystal system and is in the family of Sulfates. Its name comes from the Greek phrase “an hydros”, meaning without water. Angelite does not form directly, but is the result of the “dewatering” of the rock-forming mineral gypsum. This loss of water produces a reduction in volume of the rock layer and causes the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks.

Angelite is found in Mexico, Peru, Germany and New Mexico, but made its appearance on the New Age and Metaphysical crystal scenes when the keepers of ‘days’ gathered for the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 in Peru.

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