Lapis – Denim Tumbled Stones


Denim Lapis stones need to be cleared more often (due to the lack of Pyrite) but carry the same properties as regular Lapis, just a bit slower acting (energy wise).

Size: about 1 inch.

5th or Throat Chakra, Sanscrit: Vishudda
6th, Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra, Sanscrit: Anja

Denim Lapis cleanses the mental body. Promotes deep healing to outdated thoughts and mental patterns. Prevents negative thoughts from becoming karmic patterns and releases worn out karmic patterns for healing. Changes negative views to positive outlooks and reprograms the mental body to facilitate healing.

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Lapis – Denim Tumbled Stones

Denim Lapis Lazuli has a cubic crystal system and is in the mineral class of lattice silicate. It is formed during the metamorphosis of chalk into marble. It is compromised of Lazurite, Sodalite, Hauyne and Calcite and contains none of the Pyrite which is what the lovely golden flecks are in Lapis.

When the Pyrite is not present it is called “Denim.” It is generally not as vibrant a blue in its coloring as regular Lapis. You may also see this one sometimes referred to as ‘blue quartz’ in the world market. It is scientifically a true stone in its molecular structure known as Dumortierite, as opposed to a crystalline mineral growth. There can also be white streaks or clouds present.

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