Emerald Tumbled Stones


Emerald Tumbled Stones with natural swirls of green, mingled with veins of black, grey and white. This precious stone is shown with its impurities as it is found in nature.

These vary in size: 3/8 inch and up. I consider these a ‘rough’ tumbled in that many retain some of their natural crystal shapes.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Emerald detoxifies negativity and transforms that negativity into positive emotional energy. Stabilizes and soothes, offers a sense of security, harmony and closeness to the Goddess. Increases understanding of life purpose in relation to the universal plan, aids in emotional and life transitions and change.

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Emerald Tumbled Stones

Emerald helps us to overcome misfortunes and blows dealt by fate. It assists in bringing about a balanced nature, being open to, and accepting recovery.

Emerald has a hexagonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of ring silicates in the beryl family. It is formed in a magmatic process, in pegmatites or through metamorphosis in the contact zone between rocks that contain berylium and chromium. Coming from the beryl family which also brings us Aquamarine, it can be found in shades of green varying from light to dark.

I should mention that there have been some healing benefits from the man-made types (found in most of today’s fine jewelry), but nothing as beneficial as a natural stone. Our bodies find it much more difficult to assimilate the energy of the man-made types, and of course they do not contain all the extra elements supplied by naturally formed gems.

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