Rhyolite Tumbled Stones


Rhyolite Tumbled Stones polished to a nice sheen. All natural and ready to set out, wrap or just carry in your pocket.

Size: 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit:ย Anahata

Rhyolite stimulates visualization of this life and past life scenes, evokes visions from lifetimes on other planets. Promotes awareness of the beauty of the Earth. Aids in the ability to visualize and meditate, stabilizes creativity and brings new ideas for artists, can open artist blocks, aids in drawing and painting.

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Rhyolite Tumbled Stones

Rhyolite has a trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of silicates, oxides. Its coloring can range from light to darker greens with clearly visible speckled inclusions. Since it is a volcanic rock, it consists of mainly quartz, feldspar and hornblende.

Rhyolite, the name, originates from the Greek Rhyz which means “stream of lava”. Because of its make-up it is many times placed in the Jasper family and depending on where it is harvested (which relates to coloring) you may find it listed as orbicular jasper (contains chalcedony inclusions) or leopard skin jasper (contains glassy or sandy colored inclusions).

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Weight .5 oz
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