Tektite Tumbled Stones


Tektite tumbled stones. Shapes vary and each stone is very unique.

These are a medium size with most being about one inch.

1st, Base or Root Chakra, Sanscrit: Muladhara
7th or Crown Chakra, Sanscrit: Sahasrara
Tektite aligns and clears kundalini chakras and the kundalini line. Connects the kundalini and hara energy lines. Protects that energy flow, and while seeming to ground to earth, promotes good energy flow from earth to sky, providing balance to all Chakras.

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Tektite Tumbled Stones

Tektite vibrates at a very high frequency, energy-wise, and can assist in enhancing psychic abilities, activates recall of dreams and assists in astral travel. As an aid in unclogging unhealthy energy flows, it can also help in creating positive changes at the spiritual level.

Tektite is amorphous and, as such, has no specific crystal system. Its content can vary, but basically, they are mainly silica glass with inclusions of magnesium, iron and other elements. Generally they are black, clear or gray in their coloring. The green shades, known as Moldavite, also belong to this ‘family’ of stones.

It is most commonly formed from a meteor striking/landing in sand or rocky areas. It is very glassy in appearance, and while the heat melds it with our earthly sands, it has mostly terrestrial origins. I should mention that there is still scientific debate as to exactly how it was formed that ranges from the meteor theory to simple lightening strikes to some sort of ancient atomic blast. For myself, the meteor theory seems the most plausible.

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