Goddess Eostre / Ostara

Goddess Eostre / Ostara

Eostre (pronounced East-ra) was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn, from whom “East” (where the sun rises) and “Easter” got its name. As the fertility goddess of the Northern European peoples, her legend was manipulated by the invading Romans (newly Christianized), they merged Eostre’s spring legend to coincide with the time of Christ’s resurrection.

I live life without fear
My creativity is energized
I feel absolutely supercharged
Today is my chance to be healthy
My vital energy resurfaces naturally
I embrace life in its absolute fullness
I find my path following my inclinations
My whole being reaches for the new dawn
Goddess Eostre / Ostara

Goddess of fertility and new beginnings, this time of year presents an opportunity to embrace Eostre’s passion for new life and let our own lives take the new direction we have wanted for so long. She is also known as the Goddess Ostara, the maiden, in German mythology, and is celebrated when night and day are equal and balanced (the spring equinox for the northern hemisphere). Interestingly, the word “estrus” (referring to an animal in heat) is also derived from Eostra as her consort was a rabbit with an extraordinarily high libido!

Goddess Eostre / Ostara General Affinities:

Sun, seedlings, preparing the soil, the balance of light and dark, celebrating new growth, rebirth, renewal.

Goddess Eostre / Ostara Gemstone Affinities:

Carnelian, Coral, most Agates, and generally orange stones

Goddess Eostre / Ostara Animal Affinities:

Rabbit, owl (wisdom), dove (victory), ram, eagle, tiger, leopard, and other cats

Goddess Eostre / Ostara Colors:

Golds, oranges, yellows, and greens

Goddess Eostre / Ostara Perfumes / Scents / Incense:

Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, or Sweet Orange

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