Winter Blues Got Ya Down? Here’s Five Ways To Feel Better

Winter Blues Got Ya Down?

Even though our days are growing longer and nature provides some wonderful winter views here in Wisconsin, it’s a hard time of year for many. In my area, outdoor temperatures keep most of us indoors instead of enjoying our long nature walks, and many days the sun is obscured by cloud cover. So, we need to find ways to not slip into that seasonal depression.

For some it passes fairly quickly. For others, it lingers, like the cold nights, slowly freezing us in our tracks. For myself, I have found a few work a-rounds.

Some days I become cat or dog like and start searching for the best window where the sunlight is pouring in. Rearranging furniture so I can just sit and bask in the warmth and the light. Closing my eyes and imagining it is summer, soaking up that energy.

But, up here in Wisonsin (and they seem to like to keep running totals of the cloudy days in a row) we miss the sun. Personally, I’m good for two or three days, then I find I am rummaging through my tray of rocky friends for some assistance.

Citrine for joy of life

Citrine brings the “joy of life.” It helps to overcome depression and to free yourself from oppressive influences. It will encourage you to be extroverted and to express yourself. For myself, this one gets me revved up and moving around.

Smokey Quartz Healing Qualities

Smokey Quartz has a relaxing effect. In the long term it will assist in taking away the tendency to allow ourselves to be stressed and will help make us more resistant to stress factors around us. Because, yes, winter weather and being cooped up can be stressful.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Qualities

Lapis Lazuli helps bring things back into balance.. Many things in this world distract us from devoting time to harmonizing our inner energies. If these distractions go on for too long, our lives can become unbalanced bringing emotional illness (depression, doubts of purpose).

Howlite Healing Properties

Howlite cleanses the mind and emotions of negative thoughts and images, removes the sense of frustration and destructive feelings, and can be used to calm communication, to facilitate awareness, and to encourage emotional expression.

Amber Heart Pendant

And then there is my fave happy gem, Amber. It encourages a ‘sunny’ nature that appears gentle and pliable but is actually very self-confident. It encourages you to be spontaneous and open and still hold respect for tradition all at the same time. It makes us more flexible and encourages creativity.

And finally, talk to someone! Call a friend, check on a neighbor or relative, speak with other humans. Get out of your head. As we hibernate, we isolate. When we isolate, sometimes we go down a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of. It is OK to ask for help. If you have no one you feel you can talk to, here is a great resource: Better Help. You won’t even need to go out!

Until next time,
Bright Blessings,

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