Imperial Topaz to Bring About Life Changes

Imperial Topaz helps to bring about life changes

Sometimes we tackle hard things because we feel compelled to. Technology is my friend. Yes, that became my mantra over the past months. But, I am happy to announce that I lived through the changes. Something that helped was one of these little friends, an Imperial Topaz.

I had not really researched all they had to offer and was curious why I just could not have it be far from me, for like, months. After meditating and then jotting down what I felt it had provided, it became very clear to me all that it had helped me with. Yes, they pick us when they see they have what we need.

3rd Chakra Symbol

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra
Color of yellow
Sanskrit: Manipura

Helps to bring about life changes and transformations. It ends procrastination when facing action and change keeping you on your life’s path. Assists in developing the commitment to, and fulfillment of, karmic agreements and your life purpose.

The Crystal System…

Imperial Topaz is in the Orthorhombic crystal system, family of island silicates. Chromium and a touch of manganese provide the beautiful coloring. It is fairly transparent and usually forms in tabular (generally 4 sided) columned crystals. It is primarily found at the Ouro Preto mines of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Imperial Topaz can also be called Yellow or sometimes, Golden Topaz. The Imperial is deep gold in its coloring with a slightly pinkish tint. The paler ones are classified as Yellow. The title of Imperial means ‘supreme.’ They are usually more expensive than other Topaz due to its scarcity, but also the most powerful in its healing properties and beautiful coloring.


Imperial Topaz has its best effects when in contact with our skin. It is a definite aid during meditation, especially when laid on your forehead. I found it to be quite helpful to keep me on track while just holding in my left hand as I worked drawing or writing.


Imperial Topaz encourages self-realization and helps to shape our lives into what we karmically agreed to before our birth. It is an aid to experiencing a break through in spiritual development when things have been unclear or difficult for us to see. It also helps us see the vagaries of fate and to gain wisdom from those insights.


Imperial Topaz helps us to discover our own inner riches, abilities and knowledge. It will encourage us to be open, honest, and to lead a fulfilled emotional life.


Imperial Topaz aids us in becoming completely aware of our influences based on our abilities and the real knowledge gained through our hard work, and then to use that knowledge meaningfully.


Imperial Topaz helps to fortify nerves and stimulates energy flows in our meridians. It has been known to improve digestion, and in some cases has helped with anorexia. It is also an aid in stimulating metabolism.

Zodiac Affinity…

Citrine has a special affinity with Pisces, Leo and Sagittarius, but benefits all signs. . It’s energy is Projective, Planet is Sun and its Element is Fire.


Imperial Topaz was recommended as a cure for loss of vision by St. Hildegarde of Bingen. Apparently the gem was soaked in wine and then rubbed on the eyes, and then the person drank the remaining wine. Kind of makes sense to me although I will admit I’ve not heard of anyone doing this.

Cunningham reports that it is used to relieve the pain of rheumatism and arthitis, and to also regulate the digestive system. He also thought that is why it can be used for weight loss. I can testify, after carrying this one for months, I experienced no weight loss. Perhaps this has helped some, but that was not my experience.

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