Indigo Gabbro Is Dreamy, Calming AND Enlightening!

Indigo Gabbro provides a connection to our Higher Self

Hello Again!

I hope this finds you all safe and well! Today is my 14th day of sheltering at home and I am NOT sick! Thank you to everyone who keeps ordering from the website, it helps more than you know with having to keep the physical store closed during this time. Here in Wisconsin they have asked us to stay in until April 24th. So, a ways to go.

I picked up a kilo of these new ones and have been playing with them. They are dreamy, calming AND enlightening! I will admit that I had not heard of this stone type before – or so I thought. Most are getting labeled as Mystic Merlinite, which I had heard of. So, I took a dive into exploring what they really are since Mystic Merlinite is a trade name, not an actual stone type.

1st and 7th Chakra Symbols

1st or Root Chakra, Color of red or black, Sanskrit: Muladhara
7th or Crown Chakra, Color of purple, Sanskrit: Sahasrara

Expands knowledge and insight, increases intuitive learning and connecting with your higher conciousness, helps to heal our dark sides and encourages us to act with a higher, enlightened purpose.

Crystal System…

Indigo Gabbro is a combination of several minerals within its mix such as Chlorite, Muscovite, Serpentine, Feldspar, Magnetite and several other lesser known minerals and metal elements in usually a dark blue/grey matrix of Chalcedony. This places it in the trigonal crystal system in the mineral class of oxides in the quartz group. Most items in the market place today are coming from areas in and around Madagascar.

The Gabbro in its name refers to a large group of dark igneous rock made of silicate that’s rich in iron and magnesium. It Is usually in shades of black with grey colored mottling.

It should be noted that some are also referring to this one as Mystic Merlinite which is NOT a classified mineral name. It is a trademark label someone created for this type of stone.


Indigo Gabbro has been wonderful to meditate with. It seemed to ground me nicely and at the same time open my crown chakra. It provided a very loving energy that seemed to hug me as I held it. Definitely one of those that provides an “ooooo” and then an “aahhh” effect. Just yummy!


Indigo Gabbro provides a connection to our Higher Self and assists us in locating energy blockages within our body.


Indigo Gabbro provides emotional support, especially in those who have a strong and dominating personality, by providing a reality check when we may need to mend our ways. It can inspire you to make your own decisions without feeling like you have to be the boss of every one. It shows us we cannot be responsible for everyone, and that we need to let others follow their hearts.


Indigo Gabbro aids us with changes happening in our lives, as well as supporting us in our psychic and spiritual development.


Indigo Gabbro mildly boosts the immune system and helps heal from infection. It has had some success in reducing fevers and has helped heal injuries from bruising or sprains. It has also been shown to be beneficial to heart-related health issues and conditions.

Zodiac Affinity…

Indigo Gabbro has a special affinity with Taurus and Cancer but is beneficial to all signs. It’s Planet is the Moon, Energy is Projective and Receptive, and it’s Element is Water.


Ohhhh boy, there are loads of claims when called Mystic Merlinite that it came from the wizard Merlin in Arthurian lore. Again, take all those claims with a grain of salt, or even disregard, its a TRADE NAME not a type of stone. (there I got a mini rant in about renaming already cool rocks – followed by chuckles)

If you’d like to pick up a piece of lovely Indigo Gabbro, you can find them HERE–> Click here to view all Indigo Gabbro products.

Be well, stay safe, STAY HOME and Rock On!

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