Spring Cleaning and Things to Consider

Spring Cleaning

It is the traditional time of year to be doing some Spring Cleaning. Let’s all try to keep in mind to not throw the baby out with the bath water!

When Concentrating On One Thing…

I think it is a natural instinct when concentrating on an area we want to make better to forget about everything that might be around it. When I had the retail store, I always got a reminder about how changing that one thing can start a domino effect of moving another 20 items to accommodate the change of the one.

Sometimes, if I am open to hearing my guides suggestions, it might be in mid course of making a change and I have the aha! moment. And, yes, sometimes it is the swift kick in the pants afterwards and I hear the ‘we tried to tell you‘.

Look Before You Leap…

As we skip down the path to imbalance with our blinders on, we are happy knowing we are ‘getting rid’ of what we wanted and ahhhh, life is grand! Then, we hit that wall and go, how the heck did this happen? (insert a face palm here) Completely surprised and astonished! Right?

It is a hard lesson to learn and most of us repeat it. In paying attention to only part of what makes us up, we are not watching other areas equally important. It is our human-ness.

Even when dealing with a specific symptom or problem, all our parts are interconnected and codependent. We don’t have one major Chakra, we have seven. When one gets out of tune, others will surely follow and dis-ease has the opportunity to sneak in.

Mapping A Course To Wellness…

OK, so you are pretty sure you understand where an issue has stemmed from. There is usually a part of a Chakra issue where we all can go – oh, that is sooo me!

This is the point where it is best to take a step back to look at action and reaction. This didn’t happen over night, so taking a day or two to mull things over is not going to be earth ending, I promise.

Example In Point…

Let’s just say you are having creative problems… be it thinking, artistic endeavors, problem solving. Creativity is born in our 2nd Chakra. Okaaayyy. The impulse is to bombard ourselves with 2nd Chakra stones, mantras and the like. STOP! Take a peek at the 1st and 3rd ones before changing anything here.

The 1st Chakra is about security. How can we create if we don’t feel safe or grounded? We should have a feeling of trust in the world, know that we have a right to livelihood and feel relaxed as we go through each day.

The 3rd Chakra is about self esteem, energy, and individuality. How can we create something new or good if we don’t feel good about our self? Well, most of us just can’t. So, we come up with the excuses of, well it probably wouldn’t have been any good or worked any way, I am just too busy to do this. We all have come to know that list at some point in our life.

Moral of the story…

Chances are, the 2nd Chakra was probably ok to start with. Perhaps a bit energy starved, but functioning fine. It couldn’t fulfill it’s purpose because of 1st or 3rd Chakra issues. So, opening it more, hopping it up, well, it will just lead to more frustrations. Correcting issues in its surrounding Chakras might just allow it to do what it was designed to do!

So, before throwing hand grenades at a problem, stop, think, do a bit of research, and plan a course of action. That way you won’t throw the baby out with the bath water or… create a different problem πŸ˜€

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