fifth chakra stones
5th Chakra Symbol

Fifth or Throat Chakra

If you have issues with communication, symbolic thinking, truth and lies or creativity, this is one to work on. Associated color: light blue. Located at the throat.

Areas Governed…

The 5th Chakra is about creativity and self-expression. If you have grown up with mixed messages or verbal abuse, had very authoritarian parents, been subjected to excessive criticism or been in a chemical or alcholic dependency family setting, you will definitely have issues here and may have found it hard to find your voice. As a survivor of much of the above, it is truly possible to overcome the limitations that those types of behaviors can place upon us. Working on this Chakra can bring you from a misty mental fog out into the wonderful sunlight.

When In Balance…

We are good listeners, have a good sense of timing and rhythm, have a resonant voice, can clearly communicate and can live our lives creatively. This creativity can take many forms in our life. Aside from perhaps being artistic, it can also be part of how children are raised or how we may blossom in a career. It’s a vast frontier with many paths to explore.

When Excessive…

We can talk too much, yap, yap yapping as a defense. We can be gossips, not be good listeners, have a dominating voice and be interrupting.

When Deficient…

We may suffer from a fear of speaking, have a weak voice, have difficulty putting our feelings into words, become introverted and shy, be tone deaf or have poor rhythm.

Healing the Chakra

As in the preceding Chakras, it is important to reconnect with our body when out of balance here. Adding fruits to the diet can help. Explore singing or chanting, story telling, start writing in a journal, practice relaxation techniques involving the neck and shoulders. Seek out a counselor to learn communication skills. And by counselor, aside from a professional, it can also be someone who is a loving and caring friend that sees the infinite possibilities you possess but have not discovered or chosen to see yourself.

5th Chakra Symbol

Stones to Use

AmazoniteAngeliteBlue ApatiteApophylliteBlue CalciteBlue Lace Agate, and Blue Tiger’s Eye. Additional crystals that could be used are Ajoite, AquamarineBlue ChalcedonyChrysocollaBlue Fluorite, Blue Kunzite, Larimar, Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Blue Tourmaline.

Take Note:

When using gemstones for healing, the energy should be directed through the body flowing from Earth to Sky or Sky to Earth, depending on what is to be worked on. For this Chakra, drawing from sky to earth is very beneficial. But, always keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” way if the good that is brought helps you to realize your wholeness.