seventh chakra stones
7th Chakra Symbol

Seventh or Crown Chakra

If you have issues with awareness, universal identity or belief systems, this is one to work on. Associated colors: white and/or violet. Located at the top of the head or 1 inch above top of head.

Areas Governed…

The 7th Chakra is about spirituality and self-knowledge. This Chakra can suffer a trauma from withheld information, forced religeon, when one’s beliefs are unvalidated, or when the right to think or question has been removed. This Chakra is developed during and after early adulthood and helps with assimilation of knowledge and the development of wisdom.

When In Balance…

We have the ability to assimilate and analyze information, are intelligent, thoughtful and aware, will be open minded and able to question things, have a spiritual connection, and have broad understanding that provides wisdom and mastery.

When Excessive…

We may over-intellectualize, be confused or disassociate from our body.

When Deficient…

We have spiritual cynicism, have learning difficulties, hold rigid belief systems, be apathetic and create excesses in the lower chakras like materialism, greed and domination of others.

Healing the Chakra

As in all the preceding Chakras, it is important to reconnect with our body, but we must also renew our spiritual and emotional connections. Setting new life goals, establishing a program of learning and study, meditation and self examination will help in that process.

7th Chakra Symbol

Stones to Use

Clear QuartzDanburiteHerkimer DiamondHowliteAmetrineLabradorite and Amethyst. Additional crystals that could be used are CelestiteCharoite, Diamond, Violet FluoriteIolite, Indigo Gabbro, White Kunzite, Opal, Purpurite, Scolecite, SeleniteSerpentine, Sugilite and Purple Tourmaline.

Take Note:

When using gemstones for healing, the energy should be directed through the body flowing from Earth to Sky or Sky to Earth, depending on what is to be worked on. For this Chakra, drawing from the sky and spiritual connections are very beneficial. However, drawing from Earth to Sky can also incorporate what has been learned from the lower Chakras into new wisdom. But, always keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” way if the good that is brought helps you to realize your wholeness.