1st Chakra Symbol

1st, Base or Root Chakra

If you have issues with trust, feeling grounded, feel fearful or anxious, this would be an area to be working on. Associated colors: red and/or black. Located at the base of the spine.

Areas Governed…

The 1st Chakra is all about survival and self preservation. It’s where we handle our physical needs, our strength, our trust and grounding. We use this Chakra to provide ourselves and our family with security, safety, prosperity and home. It is located at the top of the pubic bone.

When In Balance…

We are provided with good health and feel grounded, safe and secure. Comfortable in our own skin, we feel a sense of trust in the world, know that we have a right to livelihood and feel relaxed as we go through each day.

When Excessive…

We will tend to hoard things, over eat or become obese. We may be greedy, feel lazy, have a fear of change and have very rigid boundaries.

When Deficient…

We may feel fearful or anxious. We may experience a disconnection from our body and become underweight. There may also be difficulty in focusing and financial matters, we may have poor boundaries in place and suffer from chronic disorganization.

Healing the Chakra

It is important to reconnect with our body when this Chakra is out of balance. Physical activity aids in this process as well as massage or yoga. Add more protein, red vegetables and red fruit to the diet. Carrying or laying a beneficial stone on this Chakra will help in the reconnection or balancing process. Physical problems common to an imbalance in this area can include hip, knee, leg and lower back pain, arthritis, problems with male reproductive organs, muscular problems, disorders of the bowels, eating disorders, and chronic fatigue.

1st Chakra Symbol

Stones to Use

HematiteTiger IronGarnetRed JasperBloodstoneSmokey Quartz and Tourmaline in Quartz. Additional crystals that could be used are Apache TearsBronziteChrysocolla, Copper, Jet, Black Obsidian,  Mahogany Obsidian, Snowflake ObsidianOnyxPetrified WoodRhodochrositeRuby, Sardonyx, Shungite, and Black Tourmaline.

Take Note: 

When using gemstones for healing, the energy should be directed through the body flowing from Earth to Sky or Sky to Earth, depending on what is to be worked on. For this Chakra, Sky to Earth movement is needed for grounding and rooting ourselves back to the Earth.